Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Laxmi, Gandhiji’s adopted daughter, Part-2

In November 2015, I had posted a blog piece on Laxmi, Gandhiji’s adopted daughter-

This post generated some interest and a scholar- researcher Mr. James Takri, kindly shared with me further information on Laxmi including her photograph and her interview that he collected from National Gandhi Museum, New Delhi. Mr. Takri also brought to my notice an article on Laxmi published in outlook in the year 1998 by Saira Menezes – 

Besides the above material I also came across further reference on Laxmi in the following two books:

   1. Ved Mehta’s - Mahatma Gandhi and His Apostles
    2. Arun and Sunanada Gandhi’s book with Carol Lynn Yellin titled – The untold story of Kasturba, Wife of Mahatma Gandhi

However for the issues of copy rights, the material in these books on Laxmi although very valuable cannot be reproduced here. I therefore share Laxmi’s interview and her photograph as collected from the National Gandhi Museum by Mr. James Takri for a wider readership.

Laxmi with Gandhiji. Source: National Gandhi Museum, New Delhi. As sent by Mr. James Takri

 For those who wish to read Laxmi's excellent interview to know about her as well as her life in the Gandhi ashram, get an idea of her role in the freedom struggle, imprisonment, her relation with Kasturba and Gandhiji, see the link:

I wish to specially thank Mr. James Takri for digging out this valuable information as well as for sharing it with me. I share the same for a wider readership.