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Recent Publication, 2017 (in Marathi):  
Title of the book:  'LaDha Narmadecha’ (Struggle for Narmada). 
Publisher: Rajhans Prakashan.

This book is based on the oral history of the two senior Adivasi leaders, Keshavbhau and Kevalsingh Vasave of the Narmada Bachao Andolan with extensive footnotes by me as an activist of this powerful struggle in the Narmada valley against the mega Sardar Sarovar Project. 

 The book is available at:

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Earlier Publications: 
Title of Book- Whither Justice- Stories of Women in Prison

Published by Rupa and Company

Marathi Translation Published by Mehta Publishing house

This book is collection of short stories of women in prison whom I met during my own imprisonment as an activist of Narmada Bachao Andolan and during my field work placement in central jail as a student of Social Work. The book is a fictionalized account of the true lives of women and the circumstances that landed them into jail. It is a book about the life and struggles of the women at the bottom of our society and their tryst with the legal and judicial system of our country.

Available at:

Translation:  The book has been translated into Marathi and has been published bu Mehta Publishing house.

Select reviews of the book:

1. Financial Express: 
2. The Telegraph:file:///D:/C DRIVE/Book Reviews/News papers/The Telegraph - Calcutta Opinion.htm
3. The Statesman: file:///D:/C%20DRIVE/Book%20Reviews/News%20papers/The%20Statesman.htm

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