Nandini Oza's Work Profile

After having passed Masters in Social Work in the year 1987 Nandini Oza has worked as a social and political activist for over two decades in Non Government Organisations and people’s movements like the Narmada Bachao Andolan (NBA).  After 2002, she worked as a lecturer in the Government College in Badwani, Madhya Pradesh teaching the post graduate course in social work for two years. Since 2004, she has been managing Zindabad trust, an organisation that supports financially environmental and political work across the country. However since 2004, her primary interest and focus has been on reading and writing. Her writings are focused on social and political analysis and commentary as well as on contemporary history. She remains a student of social and political change and her writing draws considerably from this as well as her earlier work as an activist. She writes both, fiction and non-fiction, believes that social media is an important medium in today’s times and uses it meaningfully.

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